Keeping track of All of the Things


Which app should I use?

People frequently discuss which app they might use to keep themselves on track. There is a glut of application that implement either David Allen’s Getting Things Done system, or other systems. It can be overwhelming, and task management can become a job in itself. Rather than doing things, we focus on scheduling things to do.

(Mostly) analog is better for me

I use a bullet journal and reviewing often is a necessity and part of the process. I recommend Ryder Carroll’s book to get started. I also use a goal-setting roadmap I picked up from the Passion Planners I used to use.
It’s all right there in my notebook. Nothing distracting. If I need something new, like a 12-week timeline view, I just turn to an empty page and write it out. If I don’t like the way that worked, a new opportunity is a few pages away.
Some people complain that rewriting tasks is redundant, but that’s part of it. You’ve rewritten something 12 times? Time to devote some thought to it - do you need it? What’s keeping you from completing it?
Combined with Fantastical and the Reminders app, it’s all I need.

Feedback is good, good feedback requires review

To wit; I wanted a timeline view of the rest of the year, so I made one.
Looking at this, I get immediate feedback: I haven’t been updating this timeline, thus my schedule may/is slipping. Thinking back, my weekly reviews have slipped as well. Now the effects of my weekly reviews slipping is evident: I might not be able to accomplish these things in the timeframe I want. Time to press on the gas, and resume the things that I know to work: Daily, weekly, monthly reviews.

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